Autobianchi / Bianchina
The firm Bianchi was already set up by Edoardo Bianchi in Milan in 1897. The company was specialising in very luxury cars, but it built some sport cars as well.  The Bianchi Tipo Corsa was second and third in the Grand Prix of Brescia in 1923.  In 1939, the latest pre-war cars by Bianchi were built and delivered. Then, after many years, the firm brought a new product on the market, now under the name Autobianchi.  
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For a few years, the firm supplied Fiats with new bodies.  When this wasn't profitable anymore, the firm was sold to Fiat.  Then it built special Fiats in small numbers, prototypes, but also cars for which there wasn't anymore room in the Fiat factories.  In 1964, Autobianchi built the Stellina, a sports car on the chassis of a Fiat 600 with a body designed by Tom Tjaarda. 


In 1965, the Bianchina followed, which was built on the chassis of a Fiat 500.  In co-operation with Lancia, they developed the A112, which was built in great numbers, followed by a more luxury version of the Lancia Y.  The A112 became a great success and was for sale as Lancia, Autobianchi or Abarth.  This last version had a 70 hp engine with which the car could get to 160 km/h.

Several 'Carrozzeria', like Pininfarina and Bertone, had built specials on the chassis of an Autobianchi, which always got a lot of attention at international car shows.

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