Tips For Caring For Your Classic CarsFor people who enjoy classic and exotic cars, maintaining these vehicles properly is of the utmost importance. Owners of ordinary cars tend to vary greatly in terms of how much they care for their cars, and how regularly the go about maintenance and upkeep. But for classic car owners and collectors, there tends to be a virtual obsession with keeping a valued vehicle in terrific, unblemished shape. However, that doesn't mean it's always easy!

In fact, because classic cars are often used in shows, put on display, and even rented out, they can sometimes be exposed to hazards that ordinary car owners don't always have to deal with. So with that said, here are a few tips for how to protect and maintain your classic and exotic cars.

Store The Car Inside

The most basic, and most effective, recommendation for protecting your classic from damage (or general wear and tear) is simply to store it in a garage, rather than on the curb, in the driveway, or even under an overhang. The elements take their toll on vehicles, whether it be rain and condensation causing rust, or the sun causing paint to fade, etc. Storing the car indoors can help you to avoid these issues.

Don't Leave The Car Alone

This is a very helpful suggestion from Yahoo, and an add-on to the idea of storing the car inside. While indoor storage protects your car, it's important not to neglect the vehicle for too long. Specifically, be sure to wax the car on occasion to keep it looking its best, and drain and replace fluids to keep the car's interior "healthy," so to speak.

Be Strict About Oil Changes

The general rule for any car is to change the oil every 2,000 miles (or roughly 3,200 km), and adhering strictly to this rule will help you to keep your classic running smoothly. Because classics aren't really driven regularly, it can be easy to forget about tracking mileage. However, it's still important to keep tabs on it.

Secure The Proper Insurance

It's fairly common knowledge that you must insure your car. But is full coverage really needed on a classic? Whether it's necessary or not, there is potential for insurance savings if you're a multiple car policy holder, according to Aviva. From there, you can figure out if comprehensive coverage is needed for your vehicle.

Drive Regularly

Finally, there's a vital recommendation noted in a Slideshare post about caring for classics: take it out for a spin now and then! Any car will begin to deteriorate if not used for too long, so even if you primarily keep your classic for shows or as a collectible, try to drive it perhaps twice a month at minimum just to keep it fresh.

Aside from what's noted in this guide, basic precaution ought to keep your classic in beautiful shape. Don't park too close to other vehicles, clean and detail regularly, and give your ride the regular care it deserves. But the above tips specifically geared toward classic cars should keep your prized vehicles in flawless condition for years and years!
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