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The Impala was introduced in 1958 as a new, upmarket, sporty trim package created for Bel Air coupes and convertibles. Unique to the model were its six taillights, which set it apart from lower trim levels with only two lights on a side. This classic styling cue would become its trademark.


Named after a southern African antelope, the Impala became a separate model in 1959 in both two- and four-door versions and became the best-selling car in the Chevrolet lineup. For 1960, it became the best-selling automobile in the United States and held that position for the next decade. From 1958 until 1966, Impala sales were in excess of 13 million units, more than any other full-size car in the history of the automobile.

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Chevrolet Impala 1964
Chevrolet Impala Convertible
Munich / Munchen, Germany
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Number of persons:3 Chauffeur and three adult passengersLuggage:2 large + 2 small Available only with chauffeur:chauffeur Gearbox:auto Power steering: Audio:radio
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Chevrolet Impala 1959
Chevrolet Impala
Oldie Rent
Koln (Cologne)
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Number of persons:4 Chauffeur plus 4 passengersLuggage:2 large + 2 small Available only with chauffeur:chauffeur Gearbox:auto Power steering: Audio:radio
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Chevrolet Impala 1970
Chevrolet Impala
Los Angeles
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Number of persons:4 Luggage:2 large + 2 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:auto Power steering: Audio:radio
The Impala was redesigned on the new GM B platform for 1962. It also had a redesign body styling. Redesigned again in 1965, the Impala set an all-time industry annual sales record of more than 1 million units in the U.S., which has never been bettered.


In 1965, Chevrolet introduced the Impala Caprice. Beginning with the four-door hardtop sedan body, Impala Caprices received unique upholstery, wood grained accents on the dashboard and specialty pulls on the insides of the doors. The Impala Caprice was reintroduced as the Chevrolet Caprice in 1966, taking the top position in the full-size Chevrolet lineup. The Impala however, remained Chevrolet's top-selling model until the late 1970s.  


The 1967 model was redesigned along the lines of the 1963 Buick Riviera. The Coke bottle shape was strengthened and the curves were biggest with the 1967-68 models. In keeping with Federal regulations, safety features were built into Impalas during the 1967 and '68 model years, including a fully collapsible energy-absorbing steering column, side marker lights, and shoulder belts for closed models. During the 1969 model year, for example, Impala production topped Caprice production by 611,000 units.  


Right Hand Drive cars were manufactured in Canada for export to some countries such as Australia, U.K. etc., until 1969. They used a version of the 1965 Impala dash panel until 1969. Australian models were assembled in Australia from kits as this lessened tax on the cars.  


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