Daimler - Conquest
The Conquest saloon was released to the public in 1953 as a replacement for the Daimler Consort, but was shorter and lighter, with better performance. The Daimler Conquest was meant to be an affordable Daimler, priced at £1066.  It was pedigree with pace, at a reasonable price. Mind you, they still had luxurious well appointed traditional wood grain and leather interiors. Actual construction was by another BSA subsidiary, 'Carbodies'.
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Daimler Conquest 1956
Daimler Conquest 250
Forsten b. Munich
Bavaria, Germany
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Number of persons:4 Luggage: 2 large + 2 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:auto Power steering: Leather interior: Audio:radio

The Daimler Conquest Century, released in 1954 was the best seller of the range with 4818 of them produced. A hundred horsepower and, presumably, a hundred miles an hour, hence the Century. The roadster first appeared at the Motor Show in 1953, and was not available to the public till 1954. The roadster was dropped from production in 1955, and even though the dropheads had outsold them by over 3:1, the Drophead was axed too, allowing a new revamped drophead version of the roadster to be produced for the 1955 Motor Show. The New Drophead, or Mark II, had a sideways facing single rear seat.


The Roadster had started out priced close to the Jaguar XK120 at £1673, but by the time the New Drophead was released the price was £280 more than an XK140. While Jaguars became less expensive, the hand built Daimlers escalated in price. Jaguars sold in large numbers, and Daimlers sold in small numbers with frequent model changes.


The writing was on the wall. 


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