Daimler - Sovereign XJ6
The Daimler Sovereign was a built by Jaguar in Coventry. It was introduced in 1966, and was the first Daimler-badged car to have a Jaguar engine - marking the end for the Edward Turner designed V8 engines Jaguar had inherited when it took over the Daimler company in 1960. The first Sovereign was a luxury version of the Jaguar 420 saloon, itself based on the Jaguar S-Type with a revised four-headlight nose reminiscent of the Jaguar Mark X. The main external difference on the Daimler was the traditional fluted radiator grille.


The 420 and S-Type were replaced by the Jaguar XJ6 in September 1968, although the Daimler remained on sale until October 1969, when a new XJ6-based Sovereign was introduced, once again externally virtually identical to the Jaguar other than the grille and badging.

GB (UK) England
GB (UK) England
Daimler Sovereign-click for a larger picture
Daimler Sovereign 1976
Daimler Sovereign version of XJ6
Wiltshire, England
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Number of persons:4 Luggage: 2 large + 2 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:auto Power steering: Leather interior:
The Daimler Sovereign name remained in use for the Series II version of the XJ6, but in 1983, during the run of the Series III, the range was re-named with the base model named the Jaguar XJ6, the more luxurious version named the Jaguar Sovereign, and the top-of-the-range simply known as the Daimler, without a model name.


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