Fraser Cars - Clubman S

The Fraser Clubman S is a modern Lotus 7 replica.  If you like a more sporty or modern look the Clubman S style is for you. 

New Zealand
New Zealand
Fraser Clubman-click for a larger picture
Fraser Clubman 2009
Fraser Clubman S (Lotus 7 Replica)
North Island, New Zealand
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Number of persons:2 Luggage:1 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:manual
Fraser Clubman S Basic Kit


The Basic Kit is a great way to build your own car. It gives you the basis of an extremely well-constructed, well-engineered platform to build from. The chassis and components are all fully approved by the LVVTA. It’s exciting that you can still build your own car and at the same time be part of a great family of cars and owners.  


Basic Kit  


The Basic Kit consists of a powder coated satin black chassis with the aluminium body fitted, all of the interior aluminium, fibreglass guards and nose cone. It also comes with satin black front wishbones, rear trailing arms, headlight mounts, aero cycle guard mounts, satin black grill, front licence plate mount, engine mounts, pedals, MANZ approved satin black forward facing roll bar, roll cage mounts, satin black rear number plate mount, spare wheel mount, set up for De dion rear suspension and outboard front suspension modification to the donor parts and five 30 minute build conferences.  


Donor Parts

The donor parts are parts used from existing vehicles. If hunting out donor parts isn’t your thing Fraser Cars can supply refurbished parts Steering rack: Triumph Herald
Front uprights, brakes and hubs: Ford Cortina MK3, 4 or 5
Steering column: Triumph Herald
Rear end: De dion Nissan R32, A31, S13 or Mazda MX5  


Fraser Clubman S Complete Kit  


The Complete Kit allows you to have everything you need to build your Fraser from day one (minus engine, gearbox and on-road costs)

Complete Kit

Clubman S Basic Kit + Body Kit, Steering Kit, Suspension Kit, Cooling Kit, Driveshaft, Fuel Kit, Aero screen, Brake line Kit Clutch Kit, Engine mount Kit, Electrical Kit, Mirror Kit, Trim Kit, Exhaust Kit, Wheel Kit.  


Fraser Clubman S Rolling Chassis  


Choosing the Rolling Chassis configuration allows you to complete the build in a much faster time and often to a higher specification. By having the Fraser Car’s factory team of specialists more involved in your build you’ll be thrilled at both the quality of your Fraser and the speed at which you can have it ready to drive.  


Rolling Chassis
The Rolling Chassis is a steering, braking car which is ready for finishing and engine installation. It includes all of the aluminium body fitted and riveted, the suspension all assembled and working, the brake lines all installed and brakes working, the rear suspension and diff installed and working, a working handbrake, steering fitted and working, wheels and tyres, fuel tank and lines, wiring loom, battery and five 30 minute build conferences.  


Fraser Clubman S Turnkey Car  


For a bespoke Clubman that is built by the Fraser team of experts for you to enjoy driving from day one.

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