Body stylists Richard and Alan Jensen's first car was a 3.6 litre Ford V8 powered model fitted with a two-speed Columbia rear axle.  Other engine options were available, including the 2.2 litre Ford V8 and straight-eight Nash units.
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Although a Meadows-engined 3.8 litre straight-eight was planned for post-war production, it failed to materialize and a 4 litre Austin six was substituted.  This engine was used to power the Interceptor of 1950 and also for the glass-fibre 541 saloon of 1964.

The company reverted to American engines for the 1963 CV8 -in this instance a 5.9 litre Chrysler V8, while 1967 saw the announcement of the FF.  The engine was now 6.3 litres, but the really sensational aspect of the car was the Ferguson four-wheel-drive layout used in conjunction with the Dunlop Maxaret anti-lock braking system.

In 1968 Jensen was taken over by merchant bankers William Brandt from the Norcros Group, who had acquired the company in 1959.  An outcome of this move was that Kjell Qvale became president and Donald Healey chairman of the reconstructed company.  Consequently, when Jensen announced their new sports car in 1972, it was under the name of Jensen-Healey.  The engine was a Lotus-built 2 litre twin-cam l6-valve four-cylinder based on the Vauxhall single cam block.

Regrettably, the model failed to live up to expectations and, although a GT was announced in 1975, the company ceased production the following year.

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