Few marque histories have been as blurred and misquoted as has the MG one.  Nobody can state with certainty when the first MGs were produced, though the honour should probably fall to the six Raworth bodied, two-seater sports cars the founder, Cecil Kimber, commissioned to be built on Morris Cowley chassis in 1923. This was while Kimber was still Manager of Morris Garages - from where the MG name originated.  The Hotchkiss engined car so often and erroneously referred to as Number One did not, in fact, appear for another two years, and was more accurately Kimber's first attempt at building a car solely for competition.
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The first model to be built in any numbers (about 400) was the 14/28 Super Sport, which came with either two or four seats and open or closed bodies.


From then until 1952, when the Nuffield Group of which MG was a part amalgamated with the Austin Motor Company to form BMC, the prolific little firm at Abingdon, Berks., produced countless sports and saloon cars for both road and track, breaking record upon record on the way.

Bearing the British Leyland stamp, the 1979 MGBs and Midgets nevertheless owe much to their ancestry, of which the famous M, P and T Type Midgets and the larger K and N Type Magnettes are just a part.

Today all MGs are sought after, not least the early racers with histories and the later classics such as the pretty TF and the fast, Twin-Cam MGA.

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