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A single-decker bus or single-decker is a bus that has a single level.  Normally the use of the term single-decker refers to a standard 2 axled rigid bus, in direct contrast to the use of the term double-decker bus, which is essentially a single decked bus with an extra deck and staircase.  These types of single-deckers may feature one or more doors, and varying engine positions.


In regions where double-deckers are not common, the term single-decker may lack common usage, as in one sense all other main types of bus have a single deck.  Also, the term may become synonymous with the name transit bus or related terms, which can correctly be applied to double-deckers too.

GB (UK) England
GB (UK) England
Coach-click for a larger picture
Coach 1961
Coach Fleet Number 1722
Sussex, Hampshire
Surrey & South London
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Number of passengers: 1722 has 37 well spaced coach seats with headrestsLuggage:2 large + 2 small Large rear boot and side lockers for luggage or picnic hampersAvailable only with chauffeur:chauffeur Gearbox:manual Power steering:
With the exception of regions of major double deck or articulated bus operation, usually urban areas, the single decker is the standard mode of public transport bus travel, increasingly with low floor features. 


With their origins in van chassis, minibuses are not usually considered single-deckers, although modern minibus designs blur this distinction.  Midibuses can also be regarded as both included with and separate from standard single-deckers, in terms of full size length and vehicle weights, although again design developments have seen this distinction blurred.  Some coach style buses that do not have underfloor luggage space can also be correctly termed as single-deckers, with some sharing standard bus chassis designs, such as the Volvo B10M, with a different body style applied.


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