Rover built the first true safety bicycle but apart from an early electric tricycle and a De Dion engined bath-chair, did not venture into car production until 1904.  This was a neat 8 hp model designed by Edmund Lewis, using a great deal of cast aluminium in its construction, particularly in its backbone chassis frame.  Two four-cylinder models, the 10/12 and the 16/20 followed, the latter of 3,199cc which won the 1907 Tourist Trophy Race.  Sleeve valve Rovers of 8 hp (single cylinder 1,042cc) and 12 hp (four cylinder 3,764cc) were announced for 1911, in the autumn of which year an excellent 2,297cc 12 hp designed by Owen Clegg appeared.
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It formed the basis of post WWI production, joined by the Rover Eight, a 998cc flat-twin designed by J. Y. Sangster.  These basic models were succeeded by the four cylinder Nine and the P. A. Poppe designed 14/45, a 3.4 litre six shown in 1923 having proved unsatisfactory.  The ohc 14/45 (uprated to 16/50) did not sell well, and was replaced in 1928 by the 2-litre "Light Six", which formed the basis of 1930s production in capacities up to 2.7 litres.  A rear-engined 839cc V4, the Scarab, with an £85 price tag, failed to reach production in 1931, and thereafter Rover stuck to its solid middle class image.

In 1948 new IOE four and six cylinder models, the P3 60 and 75, with ifs for the first time, appeared as did the 4wd Land-Rover.  October 1949 saw the P4 75 with full width styling and "Cyclops" central headlight.  It sired a range which lasted until May 1964.  In 1963 came the radically different Rover 2000, light-alloy, 3.5 litre V8 also found on its luxury P4 stablemate.  The 4wd Range Rover, aimed at a more sybaritic market than the Land-Rover, appeared in 1970, and 1976 saw a new Rover 3500, with Ferrari-like styling.  It subsequently became available with Rover's in-line sixes as well.
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