Armand Peugeot built his first steam car in 1889, and from 1891 made Daimler engined cars with rear engines in tubular chassis. In 1896 Peugeot started to make his own engines. In 1902 the 758cc Bebe was announced, and two years later, Peugeot offered cars from 1.7 litres to 7.1 litres. Their first six-cylinder, a 10.4 litre, appeared in 1908, followed the next year by a smaller six of 3,317cc.
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In 1912, Bugatti designed a new 855cc four-cylinder Bebe, and the same year Peugeot also made a V4 of 1,725cc. At that period, the dohc Peugeot racers designed by Ernest Henry were victorious in many events, including the French Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500.


At the outbreak of the WWI, Peugeot's staple products were the model 153 12 CV of 2,613, and the 7 CV of 1,452cc.  After the war, Peugeot resumed production with these two models, to which were added the 10 CV of 1,525cc and the 25 CV six of 5,954cc.  The popular 667cc Quadrilette was introduced in 1920, giving way in 1923 to the 5 CV. During the 1920s, there also was the sleeve-valve 18 CV of 3,827cc, and in 1927 a 3.8 litre six.  The basic model was the 201 of 1,100cc.  It lasted for 10 years before giving way to the 1,500cc 301.  The last of the pre-WWII Peugeot six-cylinders, the 601, appeared in 1936.  A year later came the streamlined Peugeot 402 which lasted until the war, alongside the 302 and 202.

During the Occupation, Peugeot experimented with the electric powered VLV.

After WWII, production restarted with the 202, and in 1947 Peugeot presented the 1.3 litre 203.  The next step was the 403 of 1955, with a 1,500cc engine.  The 404 came in 1960, with a 1,600cc engine.  All these cars were also available in diesel form.  A smaller car, the 1,100cc 204 was launched in 1965, to be replaced in 1969 by the 304 with a 1,300cc engine. The 504 was born in 1968.

In the 1970s Peugeot took control first of Citroen then of Chrysler Europe.  The most recent models are the V6 engined 604 and the 104, a small car also sold with a Citroen engine as the Citroen LN.

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