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The Pontiac LeMans was a model name applied to compact and intermediate-sized automobiles offered by the Pontiac division of General Motors from 1962 to 1981. The LeMans was replaced by the downsized Pontiac Bonneville for the 1982 model year. Introduced as the top-of-the-line version of the compact Pontiac Tempest at the end of 1961 on GM's new Y body platform, the Tempest LeMans was essentially a trim package featuring sportier and more luxurious trimmings than the Tempest, including different badging and bucket seats.
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Pontiac Lemans 1967
Pontiac Lemans Convertible
Los Angeles
California CA, USA
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Number of persons:4 Luggage: 2 large + 2 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:auto Power steering: Leather interior: Audio:radio

In 1962, LeMans continued on this path, adding a convertible to the offerings. Though all four body styles -- coupe, sedan, convertible and station wagon -- were available as Tempests, there was no four-sedan or station wagon LeMans. There was also no pillarless hardtop version of either Pontiac.  


The next year, in 1963, the LeMans name was still only used on coupes and convertibles, but the name was officially made its own model. This would last for just one year. It's these 1963 cars of both nameplates that had the high-performance 326 in³ V8 option (actually 336 ci for that one year only) and specially modified versions of them became the Super Duty cars of racing lore. The Tempest line was upsized to an intermediate sized car on the new GM A platform in 1964, and the LeMans returned to its role of Tempest trim upgrade with a new 215 in³ six-cylinder and a redesigned 326 in³ V8.


Shortly after the start of the 1964 model year, the LeMans became available with a new performance package designated as the GTO, or Gran Turismo Omologato. The GTO option was priced at just under US$300 and included a larger 389 in³ V8 from the full-sized Pontiac line that put out 325 or 348 hp, a three-speed floor shift manual transmission with Hurst shifter, heavy-duty suspension, red-line Tiger Paw tires, and GTO nameplates. GTO sales ended up at 32,000 for the first year, well beyond initial estimates of 5,000 units and accounted for a large share of Tempest/LeMans sales. The success and the image of the GTO helped increase sales of lesser Tempest and LeMans models in the coming years, placing the Pontiac brand into third place in total industry sales after Chevrolet and Ford.  


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