MG RV8s are like buses. Well quite the opposite actually 0 - 60 mph in 5.9 secs,  top speed limited to 135 mph, not many buses could do that.  It’s just that no MG RV8s are available for hire one minute, then three different coloured ones become available at once.


‘Emission Possible’ in Devon are now hiring out MG RV8s in a choice of Oxford Blue, Nightfire Red and Woodcote Green, at very competitive prices considering the rarity and excellent performance of the cars.

Patrick Neal who runs the company with his wife Jane, was born in Abingdon in 1966 and has always had a soft spot for MGs due to Abingdon’s MG connection and when he had the opportunity to purchase an RV8, wild horses and his wife couldn’t stop him.  In fact Jane liked his new car so much she wanted one for herself, so that made two, then Oxford Blue came along making it three. The Porsche 911 Targa that Emission Possible also hire out is another story.


Patrick has always believed the RV8 has never received the credit it deserves. Critics misunderstood the point of the RV8 and it was criticised for the lack of power steering and choice of suspension which were chosen to retain the charm of a classic car. As it happens these ‘quibbles’ have now been rectified on most RV8s by fitting specially made dampers from Spax and Koni. Patrick now wants anybody who appreciates its performance, comfort, good looks and significance to be able to have a go.  


The MG RV8s and Porsche 911 are guaranteed to intrigue and impress, whether used at a wedding, photo shoot, as an anniversary treat or even just to blow your cobwebs away, With many pricing options there will be a package to suit you, so if you would like to get there fast and in style and book that trip on the wild side, please take a look at Emission Possible.

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