At Classic Car Hire World we often get asked to help out film and TV companies with unusual requests. 


Towards the end of 2009 we were contacted by an advertising agency wanting to rent a three wheeled car for a particular advert. 


The preferred car was a Messerschmitt.

The filming was for a UK advert and the only Messerschmitts for hire in our database are in Germany which didn't help.  We discussed other options. Isetta (BMW) made a three wheeler bubble car, but the only one in our database is in Texas.  Morgan starting off making three wheelers before they made four wheeled sportscars (hence the Morgan 4/4 - 4 wheels and 4 cylinders).  Although we know of a number of four wheeled Morgans for hire in the UK, there aren't any three wheelers.  Final options would be a three wheeler made by either Bond or Reliant.  A replica of Delboy's Reliant Robin wasn't deemed suitable and desite being quirky, there isn't a Bond Bug for hire anywhere.


The discussions kept coming back to a Messerschmitt, preferably an open top one so the driver could be seen easily.

Having exhausted all the commercial hire companies we went through Classic Car Hire World's extensive list of contacts and made a few other suggestions.


Now (February 2010) McDonalds are airing an advert on TV for their Chicken, Bacon and Onions (CBO) burger, based on the theme '3 is the magic number'.  Lo and behold the advert contains a Messerschmitt. 



The Magic Number 3


Click on the 'three bears' above to view the advertisement.


So if you have an unusual request, give Classic Car Hire World a call.

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