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Australia has over 556,000 miles of roads that can take you all over this continent nation.  From Sydney on the east coast, to Perth on the west, there is plenty to see along the way.  The wide-open spaces and magnificent natural scenery make it the ideal country to tour in either a classic or a modern sports car.


The map shows the location of the various classic and sports car hire companies in Australia.  Click on the appropriate coloured dot and the company details will replace these paragraphs.  Clicking on more info.. will take you through to the full page on the company.  Clicking on a different dot will select a different company and change the summary. 

If you are looking for a specific car and aren't too worried about the part of the country, just click on Marques and then select the appropriate Marque and then Model from those shown.  You will be presented with a list of all available cars with details of their Location and the hire Company.


For car insurance in Australia then it might be worth getting a quote from Allianz, one of Australia's more reputable insurers.

Australia has a rich history for classic car enthusiasts as historically British cars were imported in large numbers.  The warm dry climate means they don't rust away as they did in their home country.  Many American cars were also imported and Australians have a great affinity with the American classics of the 1950s and 1960s.  In addition to all that, their home produced Holdens are deeply embedded in the Australian psyche.  Examples of all of these are now available for hire; from Chrevolets in Sydney, Cobras in Perth, Holdens in Toowoomba, Mustangs in Leongatha and Tasmania to Pontiacs in Brisbane. If you fancy something more modern then you can choose between a MINI Cooper Cabrio, BMW Z4, Nissan 350Z among others. 


The Australian climate is ideal for cruising in classic and modern sports cars.  The Australian summer from Dec-Feb is warm and sunny and you can enjoy lazy days on the beach and typical Aussie meals cooked on the barbecue. Summer is the rainy season in the tropical regions in the north that brings the lush rain forests to life. Spring and autumn are mild and are the best seasons for bush walks and discovering nature.  The Australian winter from Jun-Aug is generally mild, but offers snow on the snow fields in the southern mountain regions. At the same time the northern states have balmy 24 degrees Celsius temperatures.

No matter where you are in Australia or what season it is, if you are driving with the top down, always remember your sunscreen. The Australian sun can be quite strong, so it's best to wear a shirt and put on a hat even while driving. Sunscreen containing SPF30+ coverage is recommended.  If it gets too hot in the sun, then choose a car with air conditioning.

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