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The map shows the location of the various classic and sports car hire companies in New Zealand.  Click on the appropriate coloured dot and the company details will replace these paragraphs. Clicking on more info.. will take you through to the full page on the company.  Clicking on a different dot will select a different company and change the summary. 

If you are looking for a specific car and aren't too worried about the part of the country, just click on Marques and then select the appropriate Marque and then Model from those shown.  You will be presented with a list of all available cars with details of their Location and the hire Company.


Having returned from a 3 week tour of New Zealand (Feb 2010) I can confirm that this is a truly awesome country and one that is ideal for touring by car.  The one country has everything you can think of, sandy beaches, beautiful fjord-lands, mountain passes, canyons, volcanoes, vinyards and generally wonderful countryside.  The national speed limit is 100 kph (60 mph) which at first may seem a little slow, but once out of town, there is no traffic on the roads.  This means that you can literally drive at 60mph for hours on end and if required you can easily cover 200 to 300 miles in a single day. 


This factor alone provides a challenge for the companies renting out classic cars as they could easily cover much higher mileages than in most other countries.   Classic car hire businesses are generally family run affairs and don't have the resources of any of the national hire companies and are not generally able to offer one way hires.  So don't expect to hire a classic in Queenstown in the South and leave it at Nelson at the top of the South Island.



  Rent A Classic in New Zealand have now opened a 2nd branch in Christchurch offering a Mercedes SLK230 and a Saab 9-3 and have now added two more cars to their Nelson fleet: an Alfa Spider S2 and an MGF VVC.

My recommendation if you are planning a driving tour is to rent an ordinary car, or even a camper van to handle most of your touring.  (The Ford Focus we hired had more luggage space than our own Jaguar E-Type). 


Then treat yourself to a classic car for a day or two on the way round.


I suggest an itinerary along the following lines:


  • Fly into Auckland and then down to Queenstown and collect an ordinary car.  
  • When you get to Christchurch treat yourself to something more fun
  • Continue northwards and why not take in the amazing World of Wearable Arts and Classic Car Museum at Nelson.
  • Cross to the North Island either via ferry from Picton or plane from Nelson and collect a new hire car. 
  • You really must see the Art Deco city of Napier in Hawkes Bay so why not take in a chauffeur driven tour in the 1939 Packard Six run by Packard Promenades.
  • Continue northwards taking in Paihia and the Bay of Islands, Kerikeri and if you have time go to the northern tip of Cape Reinga.   
  • Return via Auckland leaving your boring rental car at the airport.


That way you get to see most of the country, hiring cars at reasonable rates, carrying all your luggage and taking in the best of the classic cars for rent in New Zealand.


A few final words of caution.  Don't be tempted to speed as the fines are quite high.  If you hire a convertible and drive with the top down, always remember your sunscreen. The New Zealand sun can be very strong and can burn is as little as 15 minutes.  So it's best to wear a shirt and put on a hat even while driving. Sunscreen containing SPF30+ coverage is recommended. 


This will be a truly unforgettable journey.    (Tony Merrygold - Classic Car Hire World - Feb 2010).



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