Ferrari - 456
The Pinifarina designed original 456 was available in GT and (from 1996) GTA forms. The difference in name signifies the transmission: the former has a six-speed manual and the latter has a four-speed automatic developed in partnership with the UK firm Ricardo. This was only the fourth automatic transmission ever offered by Ferrari.
Ferrari 456 -click for a larger picture
Ferrari 456  
Ferrari 456 GT
Wien / Vienna
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Number of persons:2 2 + 2 smallLuggage:2 small Minimum driver age:21 Not for driving - advertising and photography onlyGearbox:manual Power steering: Leather interior: Audio: radio cd
Ferrari 456-click for a larger picture
Ferrari 456 1992
Ferrari 456 GT
Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
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Number of persons:4 2 + 2 smallLuggage:2 small Minimum driver age:25 Gearbox:manual 6 Speed ManualPower steering: Leather interior: Air conditioning: Audio: radio cd
The 5.5 Ltr (5,474 cc) 65° V12 engine was derived from the Dino V6 rather than the more conventional 60° V12s used in the 412 and Daytona. It produced 436 hp (325 kW) with 4 valves per cylinder and Bosch Motronic 2.7 engine management. It could push the 3726 lb (1690 kg) car and four passengers to 187 mph (301 km/h) making it the worlds fastest production passenger car. Acceleration to 60 mph (97 km/h) was just 5.1 seconds, with a 13.4 second quarter mile time.


At the time of its development it was the most powerful road car ever developed by Ferrari (aside from the F40). The name 456 is derived from the fact that each cylinder displaces 456 cc. It is essentially a detuned version of the engine that appears in the 550 and 575. Despite its supercar performance the 456 has a relatively unstressed engine which has proven to be a very reliable unit.  


The chassis is a tubular steel spaceframe construction with a one piece composite bonnet and body panels of aluminium. The body panels are welded to the chassis by using a special "sandwich filler" called feran that, when laid between, allows steel and aluminuim to be welded. Approximately 3,289 of all versions where built worldwide. These consisted of the following versions: 456 GT: 1,548; 456 GTA 403;456M GT 688; 456M GTA 650.  


Source: Wikipedia.
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