Ferruccio Lamborghini was born near Ferrara on April 28, 1916.  His passion for engines led him to study mechanical engineering in Bologna, then he served as a mechanic in the Italian army.  Upon his return to Italy after the end of the war, Ferruccio began to convert surplus military vehicles to agricultural machines.  Within three years the Lamborghini tractor factory was designing and building its own tractors.  It is hard to say with certainty what made Ferruccio turn his attention from agricultural machinery to luxury sports cars. However, legend has it that the idea came to him after a discussion with Enzo Ferrari, when Ferruccio complained about the noisy gearbox in his new Ferrari.  It seems that Ferrari's reply was simply "You stick to tractors and let me build sports cars." 
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Ferruccio Lamborghini extended his interests into various fields of engineering, such as heating and air conditioning systems and helicopter design.

While the former were extremely successful, and are still produced today, his attempts to manufacture helicopters were hindered due to complex bureaucratic controls imposed by the government.  The idea was finally abandoned.  When it became clear that his son, Antonio, had no interest in the automobile business, Ferruccio began to contemplate retirement.

In 1973, Ferruccio sold all his companies, retired to his vineyard in Italy's Umbria province and dedicated his efforts to the production of fine wines.  At his estate, La Florita, a grand home surrounded by tennis courts, an Olympic size pool and a museum to house Lamborghini cars, Ferruccio produced a red wine called Colli del Trasimento, and known by everyone as "Blood of the Miura".  It was here, at the age of 77, where Ferruccio died on February 20, 1993.

Lamborghini is part of VW Audi Group.

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